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 Magu Magu no Mi App

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Kanye South

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PostSubject: Magu Magu no Mi App   Magu Magu no Mi App EmptySun Jul 12, 2015 10:27 pm

by Kanye South Yesterday at 10:05 pm
Devil Fruit: Magu Magu no Mi

BYOND Key:Kanye South/They.Call.Me.Shawn

Reason: Masuta came from a humble beginning, as he lived in a small village with a single mother whom taught him to be a gentlemen from a young age. He prided himself on following the gentlemen's code for the majority of his childhood. However, one day his mother fell into a relationship trap with a man far from being a gentlemen. He took advantage of her, and put her into a deep depression of getting drunk. The mother that Masuta had known was gone, and he had to find a means to survive on his own, as well as coming into his own as a provider for his family. His teenage years were better, as his mother finally had come to her senses and returned to be the loving one he'd come to know. But Masuta was no longer a child, he had his own take on the world. He owned a distaste for anyone who took advantage of a woman so easily and carelessly.

One day, while working at a bar, he saw a band of pirates come in. They made a mockery of the bar, and destroyed everything in it, as well as taking away all of his earnings. From that moment, he vowed to defend his family and peers from any more harm from pirates. He began to work constantly, toning his body for the day he'd exact revenge on the pirates.[/b]

He lived in the wild for some time, honing his senses and such to become a better fighter. While out there, he stumbled upon a piece of fruit, and in his hunger he ate it. Unknowingly, he stepped into a world he wasn't prepared for. His powers got the best of him at first, as the overwhelmed him. But through time he learned basic usage of them. The marines discovered him and decided his talents would be best suited amongst them, and he agreed. Soon afterwards, he found himself amongst their ranks under a new alias. "Endan"
[(Why do you think you deserve this fruit?)

Extra: I hope you enjoyed my presentation afro (Anything else you want to tell us?)
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Magu Magu no Mi App Empty
PostSubject: Re: Magu Magu no Mi App   Magu Magu no Mi App EmptySun Jul 12, 2015 10:44 pm

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Magu Magu no Mi App
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