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 Gomu Gomu no Mi

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PostSubject: Gomu Gomu no Mi    Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:36 am

Devil Fruit:Gomu Gomu no Mi


Reason:This character was a young child who happeed to be homeless and had to steal from others to survive. He never knew what it was to have grown up with parents seeing how his left as soon as he turned 6. His parents were pirates and we're setting off to the grand line when he had mistakingly happened. The village he stayed in didn't seem to like him despite his friendly nature, they just saw him as some dirty thief and that was all. This certain point in his life do changed his destiny...Awhile back, A pirate ship had docked and it was huge as large as a marine warship. He saw this as a opportunity to steal from the ship, but before he even moved there they were walking right past him. He noticed they were heading to a old abandoned building at the back of town and this made him curious, he decided to follow.

He started to stalk the crew as they entered this old abandoned building, he snuck his way to the back of the room right behind them as they walked in. A sudden shadey figure appeared to have emerged from the corner of the room before them. He slightly became startled and jumped, knocking over a barrel behind him and then diving behind a crate to hide himself. The pirate crew turned to check things out but didn't bother to check as payer being told nobody goes there by this shadey figure.

A purple fruit slowly emerged from the group of crew men and they quickly offered it over to the figure, the captain said "Have the 100 Million Beli?" The figure nodded and glanced at a large bag near the doorway.

He saw this fruit and didn't recognize it was in fact a "Devil-Fruit" as stated before this kid was a thief and he was already planning to steal it for his snack. He had shouted "Look!" Everyone's attention suddenly went to the door and this was his chance he began to crawl through the crew men's legs and they couldn't seem to make out what it was in the cluster. He got to the captain's feet where he tied his shoe laces and this went to push him.

As this man fell to his knees and then onto his chest, causing him to release the Devil Fruit. The young boy quickly ran in an had stolen it, he quickly took off to the crew's ship where no one would suspect him to be the other villagers payed no attention to him since this was something normal. The pirates came into town and began to ravage through the town looking for the boy. Back on the ship, He had already finished the fruit and then himself to be tired therefore falling asleep and then awaking only to find himself on the ship. He listened carefully and could faintly hear the ocean waves from outside.
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PostSubject: Re: Gomu Gomu no Mi    Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:19 am

I believe you already got approved in the other thread.
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Gomu Gomu no Mi
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