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KaizokuKingByond is a user based community, focused on game development, Questions, and maybe some fun activities.
By creating an account you understand this. You accept to the rules below.

Pornographic Content- Posting pornographic text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to anything between a warning and a 7 day ban.

Multi-accounting - It is not permitted for users to have multiple active accounts. Users who do have multiple active accounts may receive punishments ranging between a warning and a permanent ban. If you are found to have multiple active accounts, the account with the most posts/popularity will be banned.

Download links - Download links are permitted, but must always be accompanied by a virus total link (https://www.virustotal.com/) showing a scan of the download. If the file size is too big for virus total to accept (Greater than 64 Mb) then it is not permitted on this site. Download links unaccompanied by a virus total scan will be removed, and pending investigation the user may receive anything between a warning and a permanent ban.

General Spam -  this will not be accepted. Users spamming the board will receive anything between a warning and a three day ban depending on the nature of the incident.

Zero Tolerance to homophobia & Racism - Homophobia and racism are not tolerated on our site. Simple as that.

Respectful Posting - Being disrespectful is not allowed in the forums. If you are caught calling some person the person an idiot or any other things that will be disrespectful for no other apparent reason, you will get a warning or a temp ban.


Even though there might be some things that you shouldn't do that aren't listed in here does not mean you CAN do that. Anything that will be abusive will recieve a warning and temp ban depending on the situation.

Rules 200xmja
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