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 Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?]

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Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?] Empty
PostSubject: Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?]   Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?] EmptySat Jul 25, 2015 5:11 pm

Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?] Pbucket

Name: Namuko Orihara.
Age: 27.
Race: Human.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Gender: Male.
Homeland: Dressrosa.

Goals: To merely fight off any threats to the Marines, however, he is completely willing to fight alongside most people with true, good intentions. Or, to protect something overall. However, there are hints at him being a bounty hunter on the sidelines, known to be ruthless.
Dream: To be revealed.

Height: 5'9.
Weight: 124 lbs.
Eye Colour: Green.
Hair Colour: Black.
Distinguishing Features: A scar going directly around his neck.

Character Personality: Namuko had left Dressrosa as a stowaway in a marine ship. However, within the first week, he was found. Rather then executing him or sending him back, he had ended up becoming a cleaning boy for the ship. That's how he spent the first two years of his life, working and clawing up the rankings. His goal however, remained hidden. But he wouldn't wait to cut down anyone who dared to get in his way, unless they proved worthy to him.

Character Strengths: Extreme Strength, Very proficient with poisons and toxins. Genius scientist. Extreme resilience to attacks and temperature.

Character Weaknesses: Normal Devil Fruit weaknesses. Poisons. [Causes Diarrhea.]

Out of Character
BYOND Key: Darkcore1245
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Namuko Orihara. [Head of Impel Down?]
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