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 Hachigen the Shark

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Name: Hatchigen
Age: Twenty-two
Race: Fishman
Alignment: Uhhh...? Who knows
Gender: Male
Homeland: Oceans of East Blue

Goals: Captain of his own crew
Dream: To become a master of the sea

Height: six foot seven
Weight: Two-hundred and sixty-seven
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: Black
Distinguishing Features: Sharp-teeth and gills on the sides of his neck, as well as webbed feet and hands
Description: Will do later

Crew: None at the moment.

Character Personality: An overly loud shark man, he enjoys the ocean and eating the marine life, even going as far as to brag about killing a whale with his bare hands (He didn't). Hachigen has no ill-will to humans, though he doesn't trust them.. He also has a strong disliking towards fishing rods and harpoons.
Character Strengths: Ten times the strength of a normal human, amazing swimmer, able to keep up with a full-sail ship, and amazing eye-sight whilst underwater with the same skin textures and strengths of a shark.
Character Weaknesses: Can't deal with freezing temperatures well, and is hindered slightly above water. He also has terrible navigation skills as well as cooking skills. (More will be written later as I progress)

Out of Character
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Hachigen the Shark
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