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 Evan's Yomi Yomi no Mi Application

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PostSubject: Evan's Yomi Yomi no Mi Application   Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:44 pm

Devil Fruit: Yomi Yomi no Mi
BYOND Key: Evanalmighty
User: Ethan Thatch
Background: Ethan was the proud swordsmen of the pirate crew; Everlast. A group of pirates that sought fame and had the greatest desire to become immortal through their feats and deeds. Ethan wanted to surpass all who came before and would come after, his blade, a regular grade swords, Kanakirigoe no ha (Screeching Blade). He had only been with the crew for three months before they stumbled upon the Evil Fruit of the sea. The Yomi Yomi no mi... A fruit that they hadn't heard of and almost mistook it for a regular fruit, one night while drunk of a celebration, the crew threw a celebration, cheering and partying. The Yomi Yomi no mi was accidentally placed within the midst of the bountiful food and as fate would have it... Ethan ingested the Devil's Fruit, unbeknownst to him though, he had no idea he had just eaten the fruit as the effects of it wouldn't show... Not yet anyway.
RP Example: Ethan yawned, throwing off the body of one of his comrades who had previously gotten drunk... A pile of intoxicated slumbering pirates strewn about through the sleeping quarters was a haunting reminder of what the previous night entailed. He sighed, happy that they had managed to pull off a heist of that magnitude as he simply walked out into the afternoon sun. He smirked, smelling the salt-fueled air as well as hearing the caws of a newborn seagull... Yes, everything was just perfect.
Extra: None for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Evan's Yomi Yomi no Mi Application   Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:20 am


I really liked your background, even though I found one or two grammar errors, but the rest was really amazing to read. I like how you connected the background with the RP example, and thus, your application is approved. But, even though you used all the requirements in the template, you weren't able to set it properly. Gladly, your case isn't really a big deal.
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Evan's Yomi Yomi no Mi Application
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