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 Devil Fruit App: Gomu Gomu No Mi! (Stealin' this from gokuflash.)

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit App: Gomu Gomu No Mi! (Stealin' this from gokuflash.)   Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:03 pm

Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu No Mi
BYOND Key: Tobiken
User: Wolf, Monki
Background: Born from a prostitute, His mother had left him on the eastern part of the word of one piece. The boy was raised by his old sister on the eastern region of the world of one piece. Him, and his sister was very poor, and her name was Emi Wolf. Him and his sister were rookie thieves. They did what they to do, and were very brave children. . One day while trying to steal from a marine, The marines had caught his sister trying to steal from them, and then stole his sister from Monki when he was eleven. A year later-- Time has passed. April 15th. They were about ten years old as they were sitting on the side of the beach as there stomachs began to growl as they looked around. It was no source of food around them besides the town's merchant which they had no money to pay for, It was about time to put his thieving skills to the test. Looking around to see if it was any source of cash around him, He'd realize it was nothin' around him. . . Lookin' over to the side of him. He realized a man with something in the side of his pocket, It was sticking out with a brown twig at the end of it. His eyes glared with interest as he leaned his head in more to see a strange pattern on the fruit .. Wolf when did lift his hands out of his pocket, It began to shake as he moved it in closer into the man's pocket as he then smuggled it out of his pocket .. Looking at it strangely, He'd walk over to his sister to go share the fruit, He had to test if it was poisonous first though. He took a bite out of it as he began to cough! The fruit tasted like hot ass. His skin began to change into rubber as his arms became much more lanky as they slapped the ground.
RP Example: After witnessing the technique of Soru. . He had to become just as fast, and as strong. He was sworn on becoming the strongest pirate in the world! He didn't want to be just a pirate king. He wanted to be the god of all pirates. He wanted to become stronger then the yonko's, and the Pirate king. He had squated down as he clinched his knees. Oxygen began to pump through his legs as they bulged and moved to the center of his body . . His organs began to expand. The only reason they were able to expand is because his whole body was made out of rubber. Including his internal organs, His body began to emit steam as the strain on his body was to much for him. His body than collapsed on himself.
Extra: I've been RPing for a quite, I'm not exactly american. I'm technically dominican. Me gusta una pieza! I hope this gets aceepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Fruit App: Gomu Gomu No Mi! (Stealin' this from gokuflash.)   Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:28 pm

Approved. And replaced Smile

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Devil Fruit App: Gomu Gomu No Mi! (Stealin' this from gokuflash.)
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