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 Neko Neko no Mi: Leopard

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PostSubject: Neko Neko no Mi: Leopard   Neko Neko no Mi: Leopard EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 5:54 pm

Devil Fruit: Neko Neko no Mi:Leopard
BYOND Key: Evanalmighty
User:Erik Strider
Background: Erik, a young marine based out in East Blue, came across the fruit of the sea by chance, stranded on a lone island after a shipwreck, he found that his Captain wouldn't be able to send out for recovery for half a month due to a terrible storm that would plague the surrounding area. That was the last transmission that Erik would receive from the Captain. The ship that had wrecked had enough rations for three days, so Erik would have to procure all food from the island... If there were any to find. After a few days, Erik had gathered a few crabs, various fish and some fruits of different variety. Late on the fourth night, Erik had taken a bite from the Neko Neko no Mi, nothing happened besides a very tart taste, which Erik didn't really mind, as he sat there at his encampment, he heard a rustling behind some bushes, Erik had spotted some tracks previously, but it wasn't anything note-worthy. Quickly, he grabbed his knife from his waistband, brandishing it in defense before pushing to his feet he waited, listening to any sound. It was quiet, eerily quiet as nothing but a slight gush of wind could be felt, it seemed the island was under the eye of the storm now, Erik thought before a mountain lion appeared from the brush... This island seemed to house exotic animals, the creature took no time in rushing, pouncing towards Erik. The young marine threw the knife towards the big cat's head, missing as it landed on top of him, snapping at Erik's neck. Fate seemed to be kind though, as Erik was able to carry the momentum of the big cat, rolling and using his knees to kick the lion out from on top of him, sending it further away.

Erik pushed up to his feet, adrenaline kicking in has his clothes began shredding, undergoing a "hulk-like" transformation as he took the half-leopard form of his zoan-fruit. He kicked off, animal instinct fueling his thoughts as he sent out a clawed hand, grabbing the mountain lion's head and slamming it into the ground, his blood pumping and his body feeling as if it were on fire, Erik continued slamming the lion's head into the ground before biting it's neck, his razor sharp fangs proving useful as he claimed the life of the big cat.... This was the start of many nights of fighting.  

RP Example: Erik eventually returned home, he wasn't in complete control of his powers, but he had reported the incident to his Captain who informed him about what exactly he had eaten, it seemed Erik was more then some ordinary chore-boy now, and as such he moved up to that of a Private, gaining the attire of his comrades and earning some respect for not only surviving the wreck, but also the island. Erik began working on the powers of his Zoan type, now able to adequately transform whenever he felt like it, as well as working on using the powers to aid him in combat. He was able to quiet the leopard's blood, retaining his control. Erik was often seen in his transformed state, trying to master every aspect of it.... Things were certainly looking up for the young Private.  

Extra: I know I seem to be applying for a lot, but this will probably be my last application. I deleted my gravity one because I felt like customs weren't really going to be graded, on top of there only being two Zoan users taken, I figured why not considering this is my favorite Zoan type. Thanks for reading.~
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Neko Neko no Mi: Leopard
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