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 The Progression System

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PostSubject: The Progression System   The Progression System EmptyFri Jan 08, 2016 3:49 pm

How the progression will work on Kaizoku King
This is a pirate game. Now here's the thing. We'll be using the Stat vs stat type of deal in each rp fight that's going to happen. For example, a Yonko having 100 willpower compared to a crew captain with 100 willpower. They will EQUALLY have the same power. If they have the same Strength stats they are the same. In other words a Crew Captain can beat a Yonko depending on their stats. The Progression here will be Moderately fast than most rp games.
Methods of progress
Self Train - You will be able to self train but it's gonna be slower because you're learning in a path where you don't have any interaction other than yourself.
Being Taught - You can learn from others and have a Teacher. Once you are taught you can either teach that move to someone else one day.
Make Friends/Enemies - Even though this isn't the main focus of Progression, it does help alot. Making good friends, or enemies and roleplay, see what's going on around the world will help you gain Reputation.

How Rewards will work
Admins will check each day to see how much you roleplayed. If you Haven't been roleplaying then no points for you. You will gain Stat Points to increase Your Main stat. Each stat effects the roleplay environment.

Strength How much damage you can deal to your enemy.

Defense/Endurance How much Damage reduction you take.

Agiltiy How fast you can hit, execute your techniques.

Willpower This is a major stat. Increasing this allows you to deal Additional damage if you use a technique. And being able to learn Techniques faster.

Stamina How much techniques you use or rounds you can take before you go exhausted.

Speed How fast you move.

Feel free to reply your feedback here.

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The Progression System
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