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 Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF)

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PostSubject: Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF)   Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF) EmptySat Feb 06, 2016 9:42 pm

Devil Fruit: Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom)

BYOND Key: ChainsOfMadness

User: Kaizo Dente

Background: Kaizo Dente lived off a simple port island, helping out however he could mostly as a for-hire deckhand. Through his multitude of journeys across seas he started to pick up certain skills - how to wield a small assortment of weapons as an extra hand, how to help with the sails and navigation of the boats, to use a compass and know his directions, as well as read topography maps. It all came in use for his journeys as an extra hand for hire - should the need ever arise in case he was stranded or left lost. However, as a younger kid, this did much for captains and crew members to make sure he always got to their next docking station safely.

Raised into the life of a deckhand, he knew he was scrounging - as he grew older, the need rose to his attention for supplies and money. His mother, being sick, and his father being away was causing for less and less wealth and food in the household. Though he hated it, at first, he began stealing from his clients. At first, he continually was caught red-handed, beaten, and left to fight his own way back to port. Whether by his will alone, or by simple lady luck, he always seemed to make it. But with constant failure...came great practice, and soon success.

It took a number of years before he learned to start becoming an enable thief, but he was well into it when he was hired in more urgency and secrecy than normal. Remaining in his "for hire" deckhand position, he learned to poke around, gather intel, and basically knew the layout of all different types of ships. His practiced skills helped him navigate secretly around a rather large ship, until he soon realized there was a chest safeguarded both with guards and their dogs - as well as locked and wrapped with chains.

It took weeks, even months, insisting that he stay on the ship, until he finally made successful plans. He switched the good food out with only slightly rotting fruit, which made the crew and the animals sick. This enabled him both to get passed the guards as well as steal the keys from the captain's person while he slept. When he got into the chest all he saw was a strange fruit, but he snatched it and quickly jumped ship afterward. Whilst in the midst of sea, at that. Thinking him dead, and the fruit a loss cause, the crew left nothing more but getting healthy and moving on. Kaizo...however...soon found out what it was worth and why it was so valuable...only after eating it out of desperation (due to the oncoming thought of starvation after being stranded on an island). The abilities of the fruit would allow him to get home, however.

RP Example: Kaizo raises his large mallet to the side, staring his opponents down. His brow furrowed as his gaze quickly shifted to the number of opponents - "Five guys...three close-range fighters and two with the capabilities of longer ranged fighting weapons..." He took a deep breath, remaining calm and collected, as the two in back nocked arrows, standing with them at the ready. As they fired a volley of them, the three sword fighters gave a swift charge. Kaizo quickly spun with his mallet outstretched, the motion caused a few of the arrows to land into his flesh - but there weren't anything he couldn't deal with.

As the three swordsmen closed in on his position, the first was met with a blow to his cheek that sent him spiraling into the ground; the other two, however, were smarter and had some means of dodging. Kaizo, however, capitalized on this and sped forwards passed them...seems they fell for his fakeout. He managed to close in on the position of the two from further away, and though he was shot in the shoulder, flames quickly engulfed the wounds to heal them and null the pain. With two fast hits of his war mallet, they were unconscious to the ground.

He turned back now, smirking, as the two swordsmen were shaking. "I'll let you go, if you call of your attack. I don't want to have to kill you..." Stunned and scared of his abilities, the two remaining men gathered their fallen...and shamefully fled the field.

Extra: Willing to pitch my own custom moves and perks if needed, as well as help you guys with anything else. Also willing to be apart of any faction that might need people within it, should pirates be too overwhelming in numbers. Of course...I would like to go the route of a pirate, myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF)   Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF) EmptyMon Feb 15, 2016 3:47 pm


Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF) 200xmja
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Phoenix Phoenix Fruit (Custom DF)
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