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 Suna Suna Fruit app.!

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PostSubject: Suna Suna Fruit app.!   Suna Suna Fruit app.! EmptySun Feb 07, 2016 7:52 am

Devil Fruit:Suna Suna no Mi (Logia)

BYOND Key:Stronger.Each.Day

User: Hamashi L. Bang

Background: Raised in Alabasta, he was forced into a life of stealing and trickery. Nothing but the hot sand beneath his feet day in and day out he found himself taking from his own family, however he’d always try to replace what he took from them. One day a tremendous heat wave peered over Alabasta, which was normal due to it being the desert but it was extremely hot. Everyone had been inside, things had been locked away and the young ten year old thief had no one to take from so he could eat. Faced with two choices go home hungry or go find food, therefore Hamashi found himself traveling around nearby abandoned villages. Finding nothing but mere scraps, he noted a tree in the distance as his stomach roared. “Grrrrr.” In the wake of the moment he’d take off finding himself climbing up noting an odd fruit but the boy’s mouth watered with droll, he could almost taste the treat.

Reaching into the air, he’d snag hold of said fruit and examine it before eating. Sniffing it, he’d toss and turn it in his small and frail hands before eventually taking a bite into its fleshy surface.

RP Example: Biting into the fruit, it had been a lot more dry than he expected as his body felt heavy. Panting for a moment his pupils grew small, he’d throw the fruit into the air and open his mouth munching down . Thrashing the  flesh around in his mouth, he found that it had a dank, bitter and distasteful flavor, however he had been hungry. Burping ever so slightly he’d bring himself to a stand, looking around he felt a connection. Something that surpassed a physical connection, he could hear faint splashes but wasn't sure where it had been coming from, so he decided to look around. Once he did he’d look towards the ground dropping to his knees. Placing the right side of his face to the sand, he heard the splashes a lot more clearly, but he was confused just a moment ago he couldn’t hear anything or for that matter feel anything.

Afraid and confused he decided that facing this problem head on was his best choice, he’d slowly lower both his hands to the ground. Once he made contact with the sand, a pulse waved from his palms he could feel it all. “Animals, Chambers, Sand, Water and Even Land Sailboats.” He jumped back as if something had attacked him, glaring towards his hands he shook with  fear, running home he knew his mother would possibly have an answer for this but she was either whoring herself out for money or laying around being a waste. Knocking on the door he’d hear something similar to a groan as he opened the door, he saw three men on top of his mother. Two holding her down and one grinding on top, his mother had noticed him first as she attempted to warn Hamashi.

“Go on . . .We’re just pla-” As she began to speak she was struck by the gentlemen grinding his genitalia into her, Hamashi couldn’t believe what he had just saw his eyes had burned with an aching hatred that could only be quenched with blood. “MOMMYYYY!!” He shouted as his voice echoed throughout the entire village, in a flash Hamashi found himself in a corner hugging his knees. There were three men dried to the bone on the ground, Hamashi had wanted everything to stop and it did.

Extra: Contact me anytime. - Skype - Rexman122 - Kik - TheUnderStander. I enjoyed the plot and hope to have a fun time rping. I plan on bringing a unique style of roleplay, I don't afk to often and I engage in rp instead of waiting for it to come to me.
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Suna Suna Fruit app.! 200xmja
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Suna Suna Fruit app.!
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