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PostSubject: THE PLOT   THE PLOT EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 2:56 pm

There was a man. A man who was able to reach heights none other has ever reached. He explored the whole sea, he explored whole islands and he discovered every little secret treasured out in the sea and its grounds. He was undefeated, he was unstoppable and he had godly power. That man was known as...

... Montbray Chance, "the Conqueror of Worlds"

Unfortunately, one day, he and his vanishing crew were captured, far away from even being on their prime. They were all already old rags and weak individuals. The Marine brought a considerable amount of their strongest fighters and to their disappointment, there wasn't even a single loss in their army. The Montbray Pirates were simply obliterated.

With that, some were executed privately, others in public. And Chance was one of the latter ones. Seconds before his historic death at Lvneel Kingdom, his birthplace, he had let out a speech that is still recorded in the minds of every single adventurous pirate:

"I went to the sea because I wanted to see what it was like... And ended up going even further. I was able to explore all of it, every single counter of it and the treasures I found still remain. But there's a special one... One that I kept to myself for years and one that I now have saved, hopefully for eternity. But! I'm sure there is someone who will find it and take it. I'm sure there is someone around with the same will as I. Travel ahead and find it, you damn morons!"

And thus was born the best speech of all-time. One that is going to surely remain within each one's heart. This will force people, even the ones who hadn't planned on following such career, for piracy. This will force them to travel and find what's most precious. After 10 years since the Montbray's death, the world is still shaking and a new era continues, with many generations to come.

Who will prevail? Who will end up failing throughout the path? Who will end up holding back? We shall find out...

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