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 Template for setups

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Template for setups Empty
PostSubject: Template for setups   Template for setups EmptySun Feb 14, 2016 6:47 pm


Perks: Two Tier 2's One Tier 1

Techniques: Two Techniques


Perks: One Tier 2 One Tier 1

Techniques: One Technique

Captain (Supernova)

Perks: Two Tier 2's  Two Tier 1's


Seaman First Class: 2 Points

Chief Petty Officer: 3 points.

Master Chief Petty Officer: 4 points.

Lieutenant: 1 Tier One. One Technique.

Lieutenant Commander: 2 Tier Ones. One Technique.

Commander: 2 tier ones, 1 tier 2. One Technique.

Captain: 2 tier twos, 1 tier one. Two Techniques.

Commodore: 2 extra points, 2 tier twos, 1 tier 1. Two Techniques.

Rear Admiral: 2 tier twos, one tier 3. Two Techniques.

Vice Admiral: 2 tier 3s, 1 tier 1. Two techniques.

Admiral: 3 tier 3s, 1 tier 2, 1 tier 1. Three techniques.

Fleet Admiral: 3 tier 3s, 2 extra points. Three techniques.

More setups will be added.

Template for setups 200xmja
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Template for setups
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