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 Yonko Application

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PostSubject: Yonko Application   Yonko Application EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 7:21 am

Key: ChainsOfMadness
Rank: Yonko
Character name: Kaizo Dente
Roleplay Sample:

Kaizo surveyed the ongoing battle amidst the sea - his crew was small, but they packed a punch. Even if quite a bit of them seemed to be devil fruit consumers, they could hold their own above the water. Their vessel wasn't massive either, but he knew. He knew it wasn't about the size, but it was about their skills - how they carried themselves, how they armed themselves...how they fought. He counted at least six crews facing off with the galleon of Marines on it - that ship, too, was in his sights. Not only did some of these ships hold apparently fabled treasures he was after, but in some way...everyone had a score to settle. At least with one or two. He raised his closed fist and then shouted, rallying his crew - "TODAY...WE FIGHT! WE FIGHT TO MAKE A NAME FOR OURSELVES, WE FIGHT SO THOSE SPEAKING AGAINST US ARE TAUGHT A LESSON...AND WE FIGHT...SO WE MAY LIVE...LIKE KINGS!!!"

His crew, not necessarily in the manner of his speech, raised through arms and shouted in unison. The lookout up above in the crow's nest would provide 360 degree cover, the shipwright would be able to make repairs ongoing through the battle, while the cook, captain, and a for-hire deckhand would man cannons and defenses. For but a moment, the Captain's mind wandered as he remembered what brought him to this point, then he spun the wheel as they headed directly for the galleon. He smirked, completely focused on the battle at hand. "Today..." The thoughts rang out in his head, "I am no longer...the invisible man!!!" He was filled in his determination, to win spoils for his crew...but more so to win renown for them. To do right by them...and his deceased family.

Immediately upon getting within range, their ship received heavy fire from mostly the galleon - the Ukiyo Pirates were about to learn that Marines were the enemy to focus on once atop the sea. This was something they quickly had no trifle with though, the Marines aboard this specific vessel were the ones to do them the worst harm of any other group there. The Captain quickly gave the order to focus fire - though some might call him a cruel man, he wasn't bad enough to attack the other pirates off guard. No...he had some honor. Volleys of cannonballs met their end as the crew members began defensive and evasive tactics. When they had good shots, the three manning the cannons would fire.

Though it may be risky, Captain Kaizo had decided his ship was going to be the one boarding the Galleon. They suffered a few blows in his maneuver, and the shipwright immediately went to work on patching. The Captain had one rope able to connect with the large Marine vessel. He ordered his crew to stay, to watch the ship - he would take care of this alone. Though some of them argued, they knew it was useless to try and change his mind once it was made up. At least...in this situation, that is. Armed with nothing but a flintlock pistol with a single bullet, tucked into the back of his belt, he was fully prepared to fight off any Marine that chose to get in his way.

After landing aboard the vessel, an army of Marines waited. The Captain of their ship, an Admiral not to be trifled with, said nothing...what he did do was give the signal of open fire. Blasts of powder shot up into the air as rifles and pistols alike converged on Kaizo's position. They tore through him like water pellets through paper. Clear holes were ripped into his flesh and went straight out the back end as if his body were thin as can be. The Admiral looked upon the sight, smiling for but a moment, when he realized the Ukiyo Pirate's Captain didn't go down. "Wha...What is the meaning of this!?"

Kaizo almost laughed, if it could be considered that. The sound of it...began to annoy the Admiral. Suddenly the Pirate Captain had lit up into flames with his hands clenched, as he called out. "IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT!?" His arms turned into wings of fire as his body lifted off the ground. Swiftly, he picked the few Marine Snipers perched in a few Crow's Nest - kicking them off and down to the ground. The other Pirate Crews around the area would be left in shock and awe, as they saw a man flying in the sky with fire attached to him. A few of his crew members simply smirked while one added the comment, "Here he goes..." The Marines could barely look on as the Captain quickly dispatched of a large number of the crew - either kicking them overboard or pummeling them into submission.

The Admiral was upset, and charged Kaizo foolishly. Kaizo, thinking a bit better of himself, let the punch graze him as the fire faded away. He wrapped his hands around the admiral's waist and flipped backwards, driving the head of his enemy into the ship - he noticed though, for a moment he couldn't heal the place he was hit. The Admiral, after being pile-drived into the floor of his ship, started laughing, "You think I don't know how to deal with a devil fruit user!?" Kaizo's eyes widened, and then he regained his composure.

"Be it weapon...infusion...or however the fuck you did it...I'm still going to kill you...and you can bet on that!" The two, both being close-ranged fighters, began exchanging blow-after-blow - a kick here, grapple there, counter and reversal here. Marines, and pirates alike, watched as the two continued to scrap. It went on for what seemed like hours, before the two were bloodied messes with their clothes in tatters. The Admiral had enough though, and decided his next hit would land a deadly one. Kaizo knew that look of desperation, and as the Admiral drew in he produced his flintlock pistol.

The Admiral's forehead was butted up properly against it, as him and his crew were frozen in terror now. "Yo-you...wouldn't! There's...n-no honor in that..." Beads of sweat were pouring down the face of Kaizo's enemy. Everyone looked onward, thinking that wasn't how it was going to end. "I...I had you beat!" The Admiral croaked.

Kaizo narrowed his eyes at that, "You never go in without an ace in the hole. Haven't you heard? I'm a Pirate..." His finger snapped the trigger back and a bullet shot through - protruding a small hole with a blood spurt out the back of it. Kaizo tucked the now empty pistol into his belt once more. "We don't live by a code of honor..." He turned now, to address the Former Admiral's Crew. "My name is Kaizo Dente, Captain of the Ukiyo Pirates! My crew is connected to this ship, the boat butt up against yours! All your valuables get sent down that rope!" He pointed towards the one connection. "By the time you sail off, you know our names...and you tell all your leaders that WE ARE COMING!" Upon a successful siege they left off, with Marines chasing away to later be chasing their tails. The Ukiyo Pirates were proud...and headed for their next target!
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Yonko Application
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