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 Montbray Jr. Pirates

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PostSubject: Montbray Jr. Pirates   Montbray Jr. Pirates EmptyFri Oct 16, 2015 10:10 am

Name of the Crew: Montbray Jr. Pirates

Jolly Roger: The regular Jolly Roger without the crossing bones behind it, instead sporting green hair in a bob with bangs cut below its eyeholes. Replacing the common bones behind its head are large dark blue crosses, delivering a religious feeling to its viewers.

Quote :

Captain: Montbray Shayleigh
More Coming Soon...


Can I apply to join this crew? You ask. That's right, unlike the other crews, I'm going to allow people to make a public application. Well, not only public, but private as well if you want to hide stuff about your character.

But wait, is there any template we can use? Of course there is:

[b]BYOND Key:[/b] (The BYOND Key that you're going to use for this character)
[b]Character's Name:[/b] (That's obvious!)
[b]Character's Profession:[/b] (If your character is a Cook, a Medic, a Navigator, a Sniper, A Swordsman, etc.)
[b]Reason:[/b] (Why do you want to join?)
[b]Background:[/b] (How did your character join this crew?)
[b]RP Example:[/b] (A simple example of your RP skills)
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Montbray Jr. Pirates
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