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Name: Yotsume
Age: 10
Race: Human
Alignment: What is your character's alignment?
Gender: Male
Homeland: Marineford

Goals: To get stronger in order to travel the world.
Dream: To discover every island that exists, meet all kinds of people and learn all kind of stuff from all civilizations out there.

Height: Above average:4' 20''
Weight: Under average: 60 pounds.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Purple
Distinguishing Features: A black tattoo of the Star of David on his left forearm.
Description: Yotsume is a rather tall boy with surprisingly white skin, purple hair and brown eyes. The clothes he is wearing varies and he doesn't really keep with a certain style.

Crew: None.

Character Personality: Yotsume's personality varies, it depends on the people he is talking to and if he's talking to anyone, from friendly and happy he could just become an uppity bitch just because he met someone he doesn't really like or enjoy talking to.
Character Strengths: Rather fast and agile.
Character Weaknesses: He is weak, doesn't really have muscles. There's also a point on his back around the heart area where if he's hit be goes unconscious. An above average to powerful hit must be applied in order for the boy to be affected.

Out of Character
BYOND Key:Yzaya
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