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 Crewmate, Roku Iruang

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Crewmate, Roku Iruang Empty
PostSubject: Crewmate, Roku Iruang   Crewmate, Roku Iruang EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 6:36 pm

Key: Dillion13

Rank: Crewmate (Blue Bolts)

Character name: Roku Iruang

Roleplay Sample: A bandana was tightened around the majority of his forehead, the water that splashed upon his shoulders every few seconds. He gritted his teeth before adjusting his feet and having his muscles being displayed across the surrounding, he grasped onto the hilt of his weapon and spun around in a three sixty motion, wind and other things had picked up. The water around him had magically followed the flow of his technique as he came to a short stop and simply slashed, a vertical motion. Afterwards, the metal of his weapon had suddenly connected with his opponent's flesh.

Crewmate Set-up:
Tier Two Perk: Soundbreaker.
Tier One Perks: Rockskin, Stonebreaker.
Technique: Air Slice. (Basically just the small blade of wind pressure thrown by a slash.)

[From Crew]:Soru { Taught by Senshi }
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Crewmate, Roku Iruang
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