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 Admiral/Vice-Admiral application

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Admiral/Vice-Admiral application Empty
PostSubject: Admiral/Vice-Admiral application   Admiral/Vice-Admiral application EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 11:59 am

Key: Evanalmighty
Rank: Admiral/Vice-Admiral
Character name:Erik
Roleplay Sample: Erik sighed, sitting at his desk in the dimly lit office that he called home, piles of paperwork seemed to overshadow the young man. Pushing off the desk he walked out, pulling the curtains apart as he looked out along the ocean... Marineford, his precious island and glimmer of truth in the desolate ocean of corruption. It seemed like it'd be a good enough day to skip out on his work and take a stroll through town. Opening the door towards the hall that connected his office to the rest of his room he eventually left, leaving the building and entering the bustling town. A couple of people stopped, waving towards the Official, he, in turn waved back with a smile.

Everything seemed like an ordinary day, the sky a deep blue and the sun lighting up every corner of the island. He eventually passed by the docks, looking at the new ships being constructed, a couple of small vessels and of course, the Man-O-War for larger operations... He hoped they wouldn't have to use it, as a way to keep the cost of casualties down. All in all, a perfect day... But, just as everything in life... He was called out, it seemed a high bounty was out, and he was there to supervise the lower ranking officers. Shaking his head he brushed back the few locks of hair that annoyingly fell over his eyes.

Pushing off the ground, he jumped up towards the closest ship ready to depart as he pointed out. "Alright boys, we're going towards South Blue.. It seems there a bit of a hostage situation in which these pirates have taken a quarter of an island. They want a ransom, let's give 'em a fight!" He yelled out, his men cheering as they made their way to a grand battle. 
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Admiral/Vice-Admiral application
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