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 Marine Commander App

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PostSubject: Marine Commander App   Marine Commander App EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 12:13 pm

Key: JD110
Rank:Marine Commander
Character name: Tensho, Kanshu
Roleplay Sample: The marine smirked as the large group of pirates ran towards him. Slowly Kanshu rose his right arm and muttered "Room" before unsheathing his sword with his left hand and slicing the air quickly. Everything went quiet a moment before the first pirate's torso hit the floor. Suddenly all that could be heard was the wails of the pirates "What have you done to us," One of them screamed "Put us back!". Scratching the back of his head the Marine Commander sheathed his sword and simply said "No, you lousy excuses for human beings can stay in the prison like that." He then looked at his handiwork for second before turning around and leaving.

Soundbreaker (T2)
Rockskin (T1)
Stonebreaker (T1)

Since i'm the Ope Ope user it has to ROOM. But does that come with something else since ROOM by it's self does nothing.
So if it does come with something else i'll just put Amputate also.
So ROOM and Amputate.
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Marine Commander App
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