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 Thulite. |Marine Captain App|

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PostSubject: Thulite. |Marine Captain App|   Thulite. |Marine Captain App| EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 1:25 pm

Thulite. |Marine Captain App| Mohammed.Avdol.full.1889674

The One and Only.~

He's Legal Girls.~

Single and ready to mingle.~

Clothing as shown in image.
Marine Clothing.
Marine Items.

Devil Fruit-
Tsuki-Tsuki no mi.

Young Thulite had been born on the island of Loguetown. His parents previous marines retired peacefully bringing him into the world. William's father had once been a renowned man a Captain at that. His father a Captain and his mother an officer, his parents were rarely there for their only son. When they were though, he was reminded of the love they had for him. Thulite he was named after a gem being that's what he was in his mothers eyes. The stories they told him only drove him to become a marine even more.

At the tender age of five, Thulite knew he would become a Marine when he grew up. While his parents had been on duty, he would have to stay with his aunt. His aunt had been an archaeologist, she worked with some very mysterious people hoping to translate some ancient Pone-glyph she never really went into detail about. She'd spend days telling Thulite all about them and all about machines and such. Thulite had nothing else to do whilst his parents were gone so he indulged in her stories.

To his surprise, some stories were actually enjoyable and hoped to maybe see it for himself one day. He was interested now in actually helping his aunt with several projects. The days had gone by and everything felt right, that is until three years later his aunt was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Heartbroken over her loss he vowed to someday became an aspiring inventor on the side of course. His aunt had left him a photo of a ship though he wouldn't know what it meant until the faithful day he became a captain at the ripe age of seventeen and he was granted a mission which he led himself. On said ship his aunt had left him the exact blueprinted picture of where he used what she had previously taught him in her stories and somewhat understood a Pone-glyph allowing him to find the devil fruit that granted him his powers. He's currently been a captain for two years now and is aspiring to become an admiral in the foreseeable future.
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PostSubject: Re: Thulite. |Marine Captain App|   Thulite. |Marine Captain App| EmptySun Feb 21, 2016 9:36 am

I'd suggest you to properly use the application code.
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Thulite. |Marine Captain App|
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