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 Ito Ito No Mi Application

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PostSubject: Ito Ito No Mi Application   Ito Ito No Mi Application EmptySun Feb 07, 2016 4:32 pm

Devil Fruit: Ito Ito No Mi (String String Devil Fruit)

BYOND Key: CConlin216

User: Ezekeal M. Vallen

Background: Ezekeal was born in the land of pirates on the Island known as Red Skull Island. Here, Marines of vast forces would always come and take away many of the men women and children of the land, stating that they "have committed treason to the current Marine King and are therefore subjected to a life in solitaire." Ezekeal wanted to watch out for his own family, for he knew that one day they would be coming for his own parents. Ezekeal would look up at the Vast Cave in which gave the island it's name, there he thought the answer would be. As he started going up the hill, all brave and warrior like he would run back to his house quickly and grab his wooden sword. The boy was only about ten years old when he thought of this brilliant idea. Ezekeal was not afraid of anything, his parents taught him that not even death is scary..everything is just a great big adventure waiting to happen. Ezekeal held the wooden sword in his hand as he grew near the cave, ready for anything to attack.

As Ezekeal entered the cave, he would look around cautiously, putting his red bandana back on his head to hold his hair back from getting in the way of his vision. He could tell that the cave was very old, almost like it had been there for an entire millenium. The boy would tighten his grip on his sword as he heard rocks fall a far way down from the cieling and land next to him. He looked at the rocks and took a huge gulp down of his spit, charging forth into the cave as there were no torches to light, only the sunlight letting him see through the miscellanious cracks and crevices that lined the entire cave. Ezekeal took a hard right, as he literally tripped and fell into a room with what seemed to be like empty treasure boxes, but it looked like one of them was still locked, and the lock was extremely rusty, so therefore it was very fragile. Ezekeal looked left and right for a sharp strong and sturdy rock, when he found one he would throw it on the ground to make sure it didn't break. When it didn't, his eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. He picked that rock back up and took a couple of smashes to the lock, which would spark every now and then, all of a sudden a noise echoed throughout the entire cave, as the lock broke free and fell on the ground. Ezekeal put his hands on the side of the chest, and slowly opened it to see what looked like a pale white fruit...covered in some sort of string? Ezekeal picked it up in his hands and heard voices of other pirates saying "I wonder if we can find any booty in this cave here!" Ezekeal would then take the fruit he had found and look around for some way to hide it, but he couldn't think of anything except for swallowing and eating the fruit, getting rid of the evidence. Ezekeal put the fruit into his mouth and chewed, swallowing it as he cringed at the taste and texture. The boys sword fell as he held his stomach in pain, his stomach churning left and right in pain as he fought back the puke that had arisen from the fruit.

RP Example: Ezekeal got up fast as he ran throughout the cave and back outside, running passed and through the group of pirates who had also come to the cave to find loot, stumbling when he hit them he would just nod at them to signal he was sorry. Ezekeal had one goal in mind, to put the Marine Task Force at rest, so that his family and this land would be safe for all Pirates once more. As Ezekeal took off sprinting he finally stopped at the docks where he could see his mother and father being taken to a Marine Ship trapped in shackles that held their wrists and ankles together, connecting both to a chain so that they did not have much movement. Ezekeal would scream out at the top of his lungs sounding angry when he did so "Marine Scum! Get back here and face me! If I win...it's our freedom...the whole islands!" The Marines turned around and laughed as they heard what Ezekeal had to say and seen how old and tall the boy was. The Marines would step forward though, to entertain the idea, replying "Oh..and what do we get if we win?" Ezekeal would throw his fist in a curvaceous motion as he screams back "You can take as many pirates as you want and...i'll tell you where my fathers burried treasure is!"

The Marines had a huge smirk on there faces as they nodded in agreement, grabbing out their swords and rushing to Ezekeal to slice at him with their swords. When the small child went to pull his sword out, he had remembered that he dropped it and left it back in the cave, so instead he put his hands in the air. When he did this he would hear the screams of pain and agony from the Marines as he also heard what seemed like something gashing their skin and tearing into their muscles. When Ezekeal opened his eyes he seen a very horrible and grousome sight, strings were coming out of his hands..and they tore and ripped into the very flesh of the marines, piercing their hearts, eyes, throat, wrists and ankles. Ezekeal pulled his hands back quickly as the strings pulled on each of these parts, making them land on the ground one by one, the strings then unattaching from the marine parts and going back into his body. Ezekeal was frozen with fear as he rushed to his mother and father, and used his strings once more to unlock their shackles. He would hug them tightly, as the pirates behind in the village had witnessed what happened. They were afraid of Ezekeal....and thus for the boy had to go on his own and travel about...as he was no longer welcomed back to the Red Skull Island.

Extra: I will always Roleplay to the best of my ability and will try and create roleplay where I see fit or where I must. I will also help you guys out if you ever need anything, Finally, I have Skype and if you wish to contact me my Skype name is Kane.Hikonaru
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PostSubject: Re: Ito Ito No Mi Application   Ito Ito No Mi Application EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 7:05 pm


Ito Ito No Mi Application 200xmja
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Ito Ito No Mi Application
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