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 [Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi

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PostSubject: [Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi   [Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi EmptyFri Oct 16, 2015 9:35 am

Name of the Devil Fruit: Ami Ami no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Appearance: Ami Ami no Mi possesses the appearance of an orange melon shaped fruit with various swirls on it and a curly stem on top. Its insides are crimson and are also covered in swirls.

Power: Ami Ami no Mi has the power to manipulate, not only non-living targets, but also living targets, by simply allowing the user to disassemble and separate them. It can be used by creating some sort of net-like pattern that can be thrown forwards or even if the user is touching their desired target.

The effect of the fruit's powers seem to be different if they are used on a living target than on a non-living target:

Abiotic Target:
The user makes a net-like pattern which runs straight through whatever it touches. The target is then separated into cubes. The object, however, does not lose its properties, as when fire is disassembled it will eventually burn out.

[Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi Latest?cb=20120727220933

Biotic Target:
The user makes a net-like pattern which runs straight through whatever it touches. However, instead of being destroyed, the living target splits apart and reduces into small, doll-like versions of themselves. It doesn't cause permanent damage since the victim will return back to normal after a while. The victim can also be manually reconstructed by simply being motioned at by the user.

[Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi Latest?cb=20120301182958

Weakness(es): Apart from the regular weaknesses of all the Devil Fruits, there are also a few ones for this one. First, if the desired target has a very thick structure or is made of a rather durable material, it can't be disassembled. Any living being that somehow has the power or, has a natural transparent or untouchable figure, can't be separated. This second weakness does not apply to abiotic targets.

Another weakness, which isn't that much relevant, is the fact that the powers can only be used with the palms of the user's hands, thus, if the user gets somehow restrained with a rope around their wrists, they won't be able to free themself and depending on how strong the hold is, it will also be hard to use it against incoming strikes.

Finally, if used on Logia living beings, once they get separated, they will most likely regenerate their bodies back if the power used isn't obviously enhanced with Haki.

User: Montbray Shayleigh

Background: Shayleigh was born to the most famous pirate of all-time, Montbray Chance, and an unknown mother who once lived peacefully in an unnamed island, which was controlled by a kingdom, the Lvneel Kingdom. They did their lifes regularly, Chance still being a young man with simply twenty-one years old the year Shayleigh was born, pausing his piracy life to take care of his own daughter. Though, he still had his issues and people chasing him, various pirate ships docking at the island one day after the other, though, all of them managed to be unable to find the Montbray family. Well...

... Not really all of them.

As there was one who only took minutes to find the residence of the Montbray, one that possessed great power, being able to match even Chance at that time. An assault happened, their house being completely vandalized, though not entirely as the brave Montbray pirate managed to fight all of them, with the last confrontation being disputed between that 'mysterious' pirate and Chance. At that moment, Shayleigh was hiding in a different room with her own mother. A long battle ensued, but the so famous pirate won, standing tall against the one that wanted to murder the whole Montbray family.

With that, the group of pirates ran away and never came back. Though, they left a single good, one that ended up being rather precious to the family... A Devil Fruit. Sadly, that one didn't last forever, as one day, when Shayleigh was already quite grown-up, she ended up eating the fruit thinking it was a dessert. It took some time for her parents to find out, but once they did, Shayleigh was extruded permanently from the residence by her mother due to insane, delivish assumptions after Chance had left to travel with his crew. Since then, the poor girl went and is currently travelling around the seas, taking on her father's will.

Notes: N/A
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[Custom DF] Ami Ami no Mi
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