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 Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater

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PostSubject: Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater   Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater EmptyFri Sep 25, 2015 1:43 pm

Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS3M38r6ncbolHWwcvlNHiv_K3XE2e9bbU5sGwNC7bskX30iAGD
Name of Weapon: Sapphire Eater

Weapon Description:  A blue Katana named Sapphire Eater, it has blue markings on the blade.

Special Utilities(Optional):The blue markings make sure that the cutting damage increase whenever it gets wet, for a certain duration. It can cut Devil Fruit users, since it's embued with a seastone gem.

Weapon History(Optional): In a time long ago (Before the storyline >Very Happy) there was a blacksmith named Shen Huido. He was famed across the world, from all over the world prestigious battle figures travelled to the blacksmith to get a sword forged. In the end he declined them all, all they wanted was a beautifull and strong sword. There was no reasoning behind their purpose, except that they were prestigious and had money, eventually he closed down his shop and decided to never forge swords again. They were only used for conquering, greed, revenge, wrath. His creations brought depression to the world, his promise. After years of being workless there was a lone swordsman, his sword was broken and he was all bloody. A child, he carried a child, the child was completely safe. The blacksmith brough them into his shack, where his daughter and wife were sitting next to the heard telling stories and laughing with eachother being interrupted by an unknown figure and a child. They immediately cleared up and took both of them to the free rooms tending their wounds. A week later the man was already kicking, the boy he took with him was also very happy and playing with the daughter of Shen Huido(BLOOMING LOVE<3), the man needed a new sword. One that would stay strong, even through years. With that idea the blacksmith locked himself up in his forge, with all of the metals he could find inside and a piece of seastone. It was a difficult task, after practicing with every sword the blacksmith made, there wasn't even one that was strong enough to make a cut in a boulder, they all broke. A last attempt, a month, that's how long the blacksmith locked himself up, his soul poured into the sword. The seastone, in the hilt, ridiculous amounts of water and ice. The sword was complete, the water in the sword fromed the blue marking, the seastone resembled the vastness of the sea and the metal that was not regular metal, it was tempered iron. The man his sword was created, he fought battles to protect his new family. His son and the Shen Huido his daughter grew up and got a child, the sword got passed down to that child and so it went down the bloodline. An ancient relic of the Shen Family, the Sapphire Eater.

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater   Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater EmptySat Sep 26, 2015 12:51 pm


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Custom Weapon Application: Sapphire Eater
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