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 Devil Fruit Application: Kage Kage no Mi

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Devil Fruit Application: Kage Kage no Mi Empty
PostSubject: Devil Fruit Application: Kage Kage no Mi   Devil Fruit Application: Kage Kage no Mi EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 8:43 pm

Devil Fruit:

Kage Kage no Mi




Mosin Mauzer


The Mauzer siblings, Wesson and Mosin, were both born out of wedlock. With a father that was rarely, if ever, present, the duo tended to rely solely upon their mother in order to survive. At the age of five and six respectively, the siblings were put to work in their mother's general store, distributing any Beli that didn't go towards their well-being into their savings. This continued for roughly a decade until the mother's workload eventually overwhelmed her. That summer, she fell victim to an illness that was plaguing the small town, resulting in the siblings being forced to take care of their caretaker. Initially, her condition seemed to be improving before taking a massive plunge, soon after resulting in her death. At that moment in time, the previously absent father chose a few weeks from that day to return into the children's life for the sole purpose of taking any belongings their mother possessed prior to her death. Once again, he disappeared, from their lives, and the siblings had only one choice at that point. Pooling their collective savings, the children utilized said resources in order to construct a rinky dink boat, subsequently setting sail. After living a life of poverty for so long, the children wanted to find the treasure known around the world -- They wanted to find One Piece.

The duo had decided to split their ways here. Watching as his brother got off, he tried to hold back his tears. His face contorting as this was the first time they had really been apart.  Staying strong he had regained his composure before facing his brother. "Listen! You can't die out there. When we meet up again, we'll become the kings of this world. It'll be our world to rule in two years! Ya' hear?!" pointing towards his brother while puffing out his chest. He wanted to sell his proclamation along with his tough front. Before he knew it, his brother had been walking off. Out of his life for the time being, a feeling of true loneliness overcame him.  

Pushing forward he had sailed his way towards another nearby island. Unbeknownst to Mosin, this village had been filled to the brim with corruption. Needing food, and a place to stay things were tougher in this town. Eventually causing Mosin to gamble away his belongings, this streak had forced him to lose a bit of himself. The only thing he was able to hold onto was the promise that he had made with his brother.

A recruiter to a very wealthy mob boss had taken Mosin for an easy buck. Offering him a chance to make it big, Mosin who was at wits end had no choice. Taking the offer, this path lead him to an underground gambling joint. The atmosphere was heavy. The spectators were more wealthy workers that had owned portions of the island.  Thinking that this would have been a chance to use the clothing left on his back to win some money. He had been mistaken, in reality  he had been gambling with his life. Each game of survival had taken a toll on his nerves, people he had formed momentary bonds with had soon perished in the same game, or the next. Before long he had been one of the only remaining few. Seeing something in him, the owner of the gambling casino- Don Guavo had decided to give him an opportunity to bring himself back from the grave. The last game would have been a simple card game, "Go Fish". Placed on the table was a container, within it the contents weren't known to either. "Apparently, one of the former contestants couldn't pay up their debt. So we took everything they owned. This was one of their prized possessions. It's bound to be worth something..after all they guarded it with their life." the Don cackled.  Minutes felt like hours while each player made their move. Mosin's luck hadn't been good, and it seemed at any moment he was about to lose. Beads of sweat began to roll down the side of his face while the realization of his life being decided by a single match was a waste. "I-..I'm going to be sold as a slave. My body used..for things that no man should have to deal with."  Mosin had begun to lose himself until the faint memory of his brother's promise rose up from the depths. As if it had been the lighthouse guiding him towards salvation; mental stability. Timing was key. If he was going to flee he had to do it then and there.  

Once the Don had placed his attention back onto the table to draw a card, Mosin quickly flipped over the table. The Don had been forced onto his back, everything on the table falling over with a thud. Including the box that had contained the prize for the winner. Scooping up the box, Mosin made a mad dash, kneeing two of the guards before jaguar sprinting out of the casino. Navigating through alleyways. He had ran off towards the town's outskirts. Feeling as if he had ran long enough. If not giving him enough time to catch his breath. At his wits end he hadn't had a clue what he had very well stolen. Using a rock and a bit of elbow grease, he had broke the pathetic lock off of the box. Opening the lid, the contents had been revealed..! A single fruit with a strange pattern. His eyes had lost their vigor, he had bet everything on what he had made away with. What was he supposed to do with a single fruit? Hysteria set in, his stomach had started to call out. "M-..might as well..eat! It'll be my last meal!"  Picking up the fruit, he had taken a nice bite. With each bite a bit of his childhood passed by causing the purest form of sadness to well up from within. Trying his best to choke back the tears and fruit he swallowed each bite of the fruit while thinking only of his brother.

Rp Example:

It had been a lackluster afternoon. Mosin was at the counter looking after the store for his mother that had been out tending to other errands, surprisingly there hadn't been a single customer for the whole day. Not until Mrs.Doublin had tip-toed into the store looking for the parcel that she had ordered early on.  To his dismay, Mrs.Doublin had wreaked of cheap whiskey. It wasn't ladylike at all, infact it contradicted her more upper class appearance that she had always taken great pride in.  As she made her way to the counter, Mosin reflexively bit his lip while trying to keep his composure.  "I assume you know what I'm here for..boy!" even back then his blood had garnered less than quality respect.

Stumbling towards the back room it had taken him a moment before locating her package. Trudging back towards the front desk, placing the parcel on the table. "That'll be fifty beli..ya' drunk.." he muttered boorishly. Mrs.Doublin's brow twitched while handing him the money, "It'd do you some good to watch that tone.." with a flip of her hair she strutted out of the store. Mosin had been glad to be done with her, but anger had welled up inside of him. His fist clenched while feeling as if the looks filled with disapproval not based upon his attitude, but of his blood would never cease haunting him.


This character is meant to be a sibling of the one generated by Use.
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Devil Fruit Application: Kage Kage no Mi
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