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 Devil Fruit Application: Hito Hito No Mi Model: Daibutsu

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Rei The Savage

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit Application: Hito Hito No Mi Model: Daibutsu   Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:14 am

Devil Fruit: Hito Hito No Mi Model: Daibutsu

BYOND Key: Rei Star Of Justice

User: Zayn D. Dredd(The name of the fruit's user)

Background: Dredd was born off the Island of Skypiea, although not being of the native population. He was born to a well-off family who lived on the very edge of the sky island. His family, called the Zayn, was so well-off he never had to work a day in his life. By not being of the lower class, this gave him ample time to develope skills which a normal person would never get the chance to get. He stayed in his room, studying his books about various topics. His favorite books were ironically, "Rise To Rebbelion" and "Heart Sutra".
It would be many more years of studying before Dredd began to fall into the wrong crowd. He started going to seminars for radicals in Skypiea. Listening to their extremist argument, one fact was drilled into the head of Dredd. The world government is corrupt, and must be destroyed. Being a self-proclaimed Buddhist, however, he sought to completely this goal through non-violent means. After visualizing his goal, he would set off Skypiea and onto to The East blue. Dredd tried to sway the common peoples of his plight, to no avail. This practice only landed him in and out of prisons for the new few years.
After in his last prison sentence, he was left with nothing. His only choice was to go home, back to Skypiea. Arriving there, he'd find that all of his parents assets were taken from them, including their house and land. Dredd would find them on the street corner begging for change, he'd state to them, "Mother... Father.. Have you no mind? Begging like Common bums?!", in which they would reply, "Son.... We spent all of our remaining money buying this item for your return. After the government took our assets, We must not allow them continue on with their current actions", from under his ragged clothing, Daddy Zayn would take out a Large, Golden fruit from his pocket. To which Dredd took with glee, "What... Is this, Father?", and his father only replied with a smirk, going back to begging, "Come back with our riches son or don't come back at all.", he murmured.
After consuming the fruit, Dredd's wildest dreams had come true. He could turn into his favorite historical figure, The Buddha. He became a much bigger Buddha than he had hoped though. With this new power, he found he could can the Earth tremble. No more would Zayn D. Dredd follow the non-violent ways of the past, he'd pave his new path with the blood of his enemies.
(How did this person get this fruit?)

RP Example: Zayn swiped his wet hair back from his face. He wore it very long, mirroring that of a Samurai. For it was common tradition for a Buddhist such as himself to shave his head, as a symbol of no longer having an earthy attachment. The sun of the desert in which he had found himself in was very dreary and boring. No birds to sing him a song, and no friends to keep him strong. He kept pushing however, his will would not break. His fuel was pure unadulterated revenge and he'd let nothing stop him from reaching his goal. Even if his reputation be tarnished, and his family name sullied, He would become the man he read about in all his books. "I will Survive, even if i must eat dirt and sand..", he thought to himself as the hazy desert continued to beat his tattered body with sandstorms and blistering night freezes. (Just a simple example of your RP skills)

Extra: The Quality of my Role plays may not be the greatest ATM, but I am tenacious, I will continue to RP. Also I can help with the game with my extensive knowledge of Game creation for BYOND games. (Anything else you want to tell us?)
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Fruit Application: Hito Hito No Mi Model: Daibutsu   Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:24 pm

Make sure you remove the D. in your name. No one should have that for now.

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Devil Fruit Application: Hito Hito No Mi Model: Daibutsu
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