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 Devil Fruit Application - Suna Suna no Mi

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit Application - Suna Suna no Mi   Devil Fruit Application - Suna Suna no Mi EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 8:20 pm

Devil Fruit: Suna Suna no Mi
BYOND Key: Use
User: Wesson Mauzer
Background: The Mauzer siblings, Wesson and Mosin, were both born out of wedlock. With a father that was rarely, if ever, present, the duo tended to rely solely upon their mother in order to survive. At the age of five and six respectively, the siblings were put to work in their mother's general store, distributing any Beli that didn't go towards their well-being into their savings. This continued for roughly a decade until the mother's workload eventually overwhelmed her. That summer, she fell victim to an illness that was plaguing the small town, resulting in the siblings being forced to take care of their caretaker. Initially, her condition seemed to be improving before taking a massive plunge, soon after resulting in her death. At that moment in time, the previously absent father chose a few weeks from that day to return into the children's life for the sole purpose of taking any belongings their mother possessed prior to her death. Once again, he disappeared, from their lives, and the siblings had only one choice at that point. Pooling their collective savings, the children utilized said resources in order to construct a rinky dink boat, subsequently setting sail. After living a life of poverty for so long, the children wanted to find the treasure known around the world -- They wanted to find One Piece.

The best way for the duo to find the treasure was, they decided, to split up. So, at the sight of the first landmass that had been touched by civilization, the duo split up, with Wesson saying goodbye to his brother to start his own search. They agreed, in exactly two years, to meet up together at East Blue to check the progress of one another - afterwards, however, Wesson left the boat and began to make his way towards the buildings he saw.

And search he did, for the man turned every rock that he could. And, although most doors got slammed in his face, there were actually a few houses that people allowed him to search in, as well as under, when he asked as politely as he could. However, simply searching for treasure wasn't going to keep the man alive, and he needed a job. Deciding to take a job that he had some sort of experience with before, the man began his profession as a fruit salesman by going to the local market, applying for a job there after hearing that the man whom usually ran his stall was becoming far too frail to continue said job. So, Wesson continued attempting this job. In the day, he was a salesman - but at night, he was a treasure hunter -- continuously searching.

For about a year and a half, this proved completely unsuccessful, finding nothing but spare coins which he could use to continue to pay the rent, and the occasional bag of lint, which was good for nothing other than to use as tissue paper if he were going on a particularly long excursion. That is, until he got a hint of the 'One Piece' treasure being in a cave only a few kilometers away from his work. So, he closed down shop for that day and took to exploring a collection of nearby sand dunes. However, it appeared as though he wasn't told the entire story, as the sand dunes spanned more than a hundred kilometers in every direction but behind him. Nonetheless, Wesson began his search.

It cost him about eight hours of his life along with most of his will to live, but just as Wesson was about to quit, he noticed a bit of metal sticking out of the ground about six kilometers from his starting point. As quickly as he could dig it up with exhausted limbs, he found it to be a chest composed almost entirely out of silver. A lock was in place, and despite how rusty it seemed, it was incapable of being snapped with is bare hands. Because of this, he simply took the chest with him back home, a sense of excitement rushing through him that was barely capable of being contained.

Although it was roughly midnight when he arrived home, Wesson still managed to summon the energy to find as strong as an object he could-the discarded hilt of a blade-and utilize it to decimate the lock that once held the chest closed. When he opened it, to his disappointment, he didn't find a large sum of treasure. Instead, he found something resembling a fruit, despite being incredibly oddly shaped with a number of swirl patterns on it. Knowing his boss should know quite a large bit about fruit, he brought said food to the old man, who's eyes quickly lit up at the sight of it.

Wesson learned that the man had seen such a fruit before, one capable of allowing the one to eat it to possibly gain extraordinary abilities. Right there and then, Wesson took his first bite of the fruit, and that's where his story truly began.
RP Example: Albeit a a slightly cool morning, the path that the child trudged upon was enough to cause perspiration to become extremely noticeable, pooling beneath his armpits into dark patches as well as atop his brow, forming large beads of sweat which Wesson had to continuously wipe away prior to them falling into his eyes. He had been on this route for quite some time, and it only took the patience one developed after a while at sea to not break own into tears at the prospect of not finding anything for days on end.

Once again, Wesson was on one of his excursions in an attempt to find the treasure that haunted his dreams at night and gave him the strength to wake up in the morning. After an entire lifetime of being poor, one's only true dream was to be rich. After backhanding the fourth or fifth buildup of sweat that had continued to erupt on his forehead, Wesson was beginning to grow weary of said exploration. It seemed as though he was getting weary of traveling for so long. The thing that pushed him over the edge was tripping over something and landing face-first on the ground.

A string of curses ensued, leaking from the man's clenched teeth as he grabbed a knee that was in quite the bit of pain. Turning, his rage evaporated slightly when he notice that he had tripped over the handle of something. His hands grasped said handle and tugged slightly, but whatever it was seemed to be lodged fairly deeply into the ground. So, he tugged harder, twisting as much as he could until he head a snap. With a jerk, the hilt was wrestled from the ground, the force he was using sending him stumbling backwards before catching himself.

In his hand he held the hilt of a blade, the metal portion far too rusty and frail to do anything but snap when confronted with two much force. Seeing no use for the metal portion of the blade, something made Wesson keep the hilt, placing it into his bag before returning to the village.
Extra: This character is meant to be a sibling of the one generated by Holybond.

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Devil Fruit Application - Suna Suna no Mi Empty
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Devil Fruit Application - Suna Suna no Mi
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